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If you have a suggestion for a new Renewable Energy Project then please provide us with some simple details using the form below and we will get in touch with you to follow up with an initial feasibility assessment.

We are currently primarily looking for solar PV electricity generation and wood chip/pellet biomass heating opportunities.

Solar PV opportunities

Sites for solar PV electricity generation need to:

  • have a south facing, unshaded aspect with preferably more than 300 m2 of available area;
  • be secure from an access point of view (or can be secured);
  • be near to a suitable electricity grid connection point and preferably an on-site demand/usage for the generated electricity;
  • be available for use for up to 25 years; and
  • if a ground mounted system is foreseen, the land should be otherwise unproductive.

As a solar PV site owner you can benefit by:

  • gaining access to the on-site generated electricity at a discount rate, and being locked in to a RPI-indexed low cost for 20-25 years, when prices from normal grid suppliers are forecast to escalate rapidly;
  • a regular income also being possible from a site rental if on-site electricity use is not an option ;
  • have no capital costs and none of the risks associated with DIY development.

Biomass heating opportunities

The two main types of biomass fuel are wood pellet and wood chip. There is a third type, where the biomass is from an energy crop such as straw, miscanthus grass or fast growing willow crops, which are more specialised - but we are not at this stage looking for projects in this third category.

Wood chip can be locally supplied for as little as 2.5 p per kWh at the time of writing (compared to mains gas at 4.5 p per kWh). The main disadvantage of wood chip is that it is more bulky than wood pellet requiring more storage space and it is more difficult to handle.

Wood pellet is natural wood but has been pelletised and dried, making handling and storage much easier. It can be delivered in bulk by a tanker at a cost of about 4p per kWh at the time of writing, or in 10kg sealed bags at a cost of about 5.2 p per kWh.

All biomass heating is potentially economically competitive with oil but the best type of applications are ones where there is a continuous heat load such as a leisure centre or a retirement home/complex. Large establishments with lumpy heat loads, such as schools, churches or village halls can work economically, but are better tied-in with nearby buildings with a different heating pattern. Such 'district' heating schemes work well if the buildings are in close proximity. Any group of smaller buildings, such as a small housing estate with perhaps flats (a typical social housing arrangement), would also be ideal candidates for biomass heating.

As a rule of thumb KCEL is interested in projects where a building or group of buildings are currently heated by oil and the heating requirement is up to 250,000 kWh per annum - for reference a well insulated 4 bedroom house will consume about 25,000 kWh per annum.

As a biomass heating site owner you can benefit by:

  • KCEL:
    • designing, installing and running the biomass heating system
    • organising continuous wood pellet/chip supply
    • monitoring, and organising routine and emergency maintenance
  • having no capital costs and none of the risks associated with DIY development;
  • obtaining a heat supply at a lower cost than oil
  • having heating bills that are linked only to the rise in wood pellet/chip price increases
  • achieving a very low carbon footprint as wood burning is not counted as a carbon emission

For any opportunity

A site owner can also:

  • invest in the project as a society Member, and therefore earn an attractive return on the investment; as well as
  • being seen to support our community based society, providing benefits back to the community and contributing to our energy resilience and sustainability.

Please note that once you submit your suggestion using the form below we will automatically send you an email acknowledgement, which will come from admin at kennetenergy.org.uk, so please make sure that any spam filters/processes that you use will accept email from this address.

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